Wholesale Coffee

Work Begins After Coffee. Let's Get You Started.


Does your office coffee drag you down instead of pick you up?

Let us perk you up. 

Our wholesale coffee service is crafted to fit your individual needs. We provide specialty small batch artisan roasted coffee, as well as brewing and espresso equipment. And, because we know you are busy, we also provide pantry supply service and delivery.

We offer the best cup of coffee, whether it be served in our coffeehouse, brewed in your break room or sold to your customers. Our roasters select a variety of beans, grown all around the world, to provide a diverse portfolio of blends and single-origin coffees that are then roasted to perfection.

Break room coffee maker isn’t getting the job done?

Let us help keep you going.

In addition to providing the best coffee for your staff, clients and guests, we are a BUNN direct dealer. This partnership provides our clients with access to brand new coffee brewing and espresso equipment, including the Sure Tamp Auto.

The Sure Tamp Auto is a favorite among the corporate technology community for its ease of use and its consistency of creating quality specialty coffee drinks. Performance is backed by BUNN and its Wellness Program, its excellent reputation of quality engineering, beautiful design and excellent hands on customer and tech service.


Are you enjoying your coffee break?

Let us get you back on track and back to work. 

With such quality and assurance being managed and administered by Zocalo Coffee, your wholesale coffee and espresso programs will be easy and hassle free.  Our service team of roasters and baristas will help you every step of the way. We will provide you with the best coffee experience- the one you can expect from our own coffeehouse.

Use our form below to submit your inquiries and get more information on how Zocalo Coffee can provide your cafe or business with a  wholesale coffee program tailored to fit your needs.



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