About Our Coffee House

For more than two decades, Zocalo has served as San Leandro's living room.

Aside from offering our own small batch roasted coffee and house made sandwiches and salads, we believe that a town can’t live on artisanal coffee and cafe food alone. We pride ourselves on creating space for local artists, literary talents and musicians in our community to come and share their crafts with us. We also host monthly movies, board game and trivia nights, that give neighbors the opportunity to meet one another and engage with each other in a light hearted environment.

Check out our events page for upcoming happenings and events.

As the center of social activity in San Leandro, Zocalo has always promoted civil mindfulness and engagement and we believe that creating a more equal and equitable society begins at the local level. As an employer, we believe that all of our staff deserve to earn a just living wage. Zocalo has forever and always been about community, we are by definition the center of the city. Seventy-five percent of our staff live right here in San Leandro, and it is important that the folks who work here, be able to live within our community. That is why we have been outspoken in our support of the new San Leandro minimum wage law, and proudly start all our staff at $12.55 an hour.

Interested in working with us? Drop off your resume and application at the shop.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing us, we hope you come back real soon. Take care!

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