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Flourish Direct Trade

Flourish Direct Trade

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Flourish celebrates communities and the dedication needed to produce quality coffee while maintaining a regenerative relationship with local ecosystems. Producing coffee is challenging environmentally, economically, and socially. The journey coffee takes from seed to cup often cuts the producers out of their own profit margins. 

Flourish is a fully washed coffee. with a heavy body and tart acidity. A medium roast, with flavor notes of honey syrup, sugar cookie, & lemon zest. 

This coffee is sourced directly from Alfonso Hernandez and his farm El Refugio, in Santa Elena, Honduras. Alfonso is a producer-member of Catracha Coffee Company which guides the coffee producers of Santa Elena towards sustainable processing decisions that produce exceptional coffee renowned around the world. Catracha Coffee connects members directly with the specialty coffee market, cutting out the middleman, and ensuring producers earn above fair trade minimums for their harvest. 

A portion of Catracha Coffee proceeds goes toward fostering community-building initiatives such as entrepreneurial and educational opportunities for women and youth of Santa Elena, sponsoring an artist collective & arts education, and cultivating food security and economic sustainability. These community-building initiatives are funded parallel to the producers’ bottom-line without undercutting their earnings and ensuring them a living wage. 2022 marks the fourth year Zocalo Coffee has been able to partner with Catracha Coffee and purchase the entire El Refugio micro-lot. The purchase of this coffee directly contributes to the farmer and Santa Elena, helping strengthen the community so that it can thrive and flourish. 

Go to https://www.catrachacoffee.com/ for more information on the social enterprise of Catracha Coffee and its producer-driven commitment to cultivating and harvesting quality coffee.

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