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Collection: Coffee Beans

Our Coffee

Zocalo Coffee is a community focused cafe and roastery in San Leandro, California. As a woman owned and operated coffee company, we strive to hold the door open and create a space for those who walk through to be in community with one another. Being intentional with our sourcing allows us to share coffees that we believe in and know have a positive impact from the ground up.  


We source our coffees from small farms and organized cooperatives that are Women-Produced, Direct Trade, Traceable, Farm Gate Coffees or invest directly in a Farm or Origin. When combined with these criteria, we also seek out coffees that fit one or more of the following; Bird Friendly®, Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Organic Certified/organically grown, or coffee that meets or exceeds Fair Trade minimums. 


While certifications do show that coffees are grown following environmental or economic standards, we are conscious that they can also be inaccessible to smaller farms and cooperatives that are operating on slim margins and cannot afford certification. Our aim is for both our local and global community to benefit by creating equitable opportunities, sustainable and traceable commerce, and environmentally conscious purchasing choices.