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Craft Cold Brew

Using fresh roasted Zocalo Coffee beans and steeped low and slow in cool filtered water, cold brewing coffee slows down the oxidation and degradation of the chemical compounds in coffee grounds. The resulting Craft Cold Brew coffee has a rich and sweet depth to it, without the harsh acidity or bitterness of hot coffee. Enjoy it cold as is, over ice, or with a nitrogen push. Always keep refrigerated. 

We have sourced a traceable coffee grown by 15 women-owned farms that employ fair trade and organic practices. The women are organized around Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA), a community cooperative of smallholders in Marcala, Honduras whose core objective is the well-being of humans working in harmony with nature. The cooperative dedicates a portion of earnings towards funding a state-of-the-art international school for youths as well operates La Fortaleza Biodynamic Farm, a community hub that reinforces utilizing organic growing practices and environmental preservation to increase producer’s yields sustainably. 

Our Craft Cold Brew is available in 12 Oz cans or served on tap at our Coffeehouse. Wholesale inquiries welcome, please reach out to!