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Mouth Feel

Mouth feel* is the weight or physical texture of the coffee as it is drunk. Is it heavy and coating or is it thin and watery. 

A good analogy to imagine mouth feel is to imagine how different types of milk feel in your mouth as you drink them:

  • Heavy cream is thick, coating, heavy, and full. It can be chewy or buttery. Imagine the oiliness of full fat cream. There is significant weight to cream.
  • Skim milk is on the opposite spectrum, thin, light, watery. It can be delicate or tea-like. There is a weight but it does not linger and washes away.
  • 2% milk is right in the middle, it can be creamy but is not as weighty or coating as the heavy cream.

As you sip your coffee, hold the liquid in your mouth and consider the “weight” of the coffee as it hits your tongue. How does the texture feel? Can you compare it to the adjectives in the milk analogy?


*Mouth feel used to be commonly referred to as the "body" of the coffee. Because "body" is used as an idiom in English, it has caused confusion when translating into other languages. Mouth feel or texture of the coffee is a more translatable concept for what we are trying to find in our cups.