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Ascender House Espresso

Ascender House Espresso

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Ascend into your day with this deliciously smooth morning coffee. Developed for our house espresso, this blend of coffees is sourced from South and Central America. 

From Central America, the coffee is grown by 15 women-owned farms that employ fair trade and organic practices to grow their coffee. Organized by a community cooperative of smallholders whose core objective is the wellbeing of humans working in harmony with nature, this coffee is produced in tandem with the local ecosystem while providing state-of-the-art education facilities and entrepreneurship. 

From South America, the coffee producers maintain a sustainable ecosystem with carefully implemented regenerative systems with an emphasis on inspiring a passion for ‘high-quality coffee, for the consumer, society, and environment,’ in the next generation of coffee producers.

This Medium Roast has marked by balanced acidity with a full body and flavor notes of Cinnamon, Ginger Spice, Dark Chocolate, and Candied Orange. Ascender is perfect in a portafilter but we also love it just as much when brewed for sipping from a mug. “Espresso” is just one way to enjoy coffee, so go ahead and try these beans in the method of your choice. We promise you’ll love it any way you choose to brew!

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