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Shadow Cast House Roast

Shadow Cast House Roast

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Developed by our Roaster to create a cup that “tastes like coffee should”,  Shadow Cast is roasted a little darker so that your last sip is just as smooth as the first.

Our Shadow Cast is 50/50 blend of natural processed and honey processed coffees grown on Fazenda Terra Preta and Fazenda California. Both farms operate in conjunction with Capricornio Coffee Company whose producer members operate the protect their Four Seasons Project aimed at building long-term relationships, higher earning potential for producers, and building regenerative and sustainable coffee practices to local ecosystems. 

Fazenda Terra Preta is operated by Fernanda Maciel, a 4th generation coffee producer, with her children Felipe and Regina. Fazenda California is run by Luiz and Flavia Saldanha, who are raising their daughters Heloisa and Maria with a mission of ‘high-quality coffee, for the consumer, society, and environment. Together, their coffees are grown in the São Paulo state of Brazil.

Shadow Cast has a heavy body and smooth, gentle acidity. With flavor notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Cream. Never bitter, Shadow Cast pairs just as perfectly with the start of your workday as it does with your weekend brunch. Start your morning with a fantastic coffee we know will cast away yesterday’s shadow and help make today brighter. 

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